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Ten years ago, we invented a new way to achieve your potential. We invest in you for who you are, whether or not you have a business idea or cofounder, and then help you start a company. We’ve funded thousands of founders this way, creating companies worth billions. This book is what we’ve learned about how you can accomplish extraordinary things.

The companies we helped create are worth >$10billion today.

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The world’s best Founders love How to be a Founder.

What are you going to do with your short time on earth?

If there is a problem worth solving, ambition finds a way. How the most ambitious people dedicate their lives has a profound impact on society, the economy and culture.

Our core belief is that starting a technology company today is the most accessible and effective path to having an impact in the world.

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We share everything you need to build an extraordinary life by becoming a founder.

How to be a Founder gives you the knowledge you need to go from someone with potential, to someone fulfilling your potential. It’s a complete guide on how to go from where you are now to running a world changing company.

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