Ten years ago, we invented a new way to achieve your potential. We invest in you for who you are, whether or not you have a business idea or cofounder, and then help you start a company. We’ve funded thousands of Founders this way, creating companies worth billions.

It matters what you do with your life.

Nothing has shaped human history more than ambition. If there is a problem worth solving, ambition finds a way. How the most ambitious people dedicate their lives has a profound impact on society, the economy and culture.

Our core belief is that starting a technology company today is the most accessible and effective path to having an impact in the world. And that’s why we created Entrepreneur First.

We wrote this for ambitious people like you.

You cannot afford to wait.

While it’s never too late, most people do have a relatively brief window of opportunity in which to explore becoming an entrepreneur. Sacrificing that opportunity by delaying any action could mean passing on your purpose. Not founding the company you were meant to build because there was always a path of less resistance is the biggest opportunity cost of all.

The real risk is that you never start a company.

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Alice and Matt have helped hundreds of founders build companies and this book distills everything they've learned. It's a great starting point for any aspiring entrepreneur.
Taavet Hinrikus
Founder, Wise

We know how it’s done.

Since we founded Entrepreneur First in 2010, we’ve funded more than 3000 people, who’ve gone on to found more than 500 companies together, and those companies are now worth more than $10bn.

We’ve been with these founders from before day one, all the way through their founding journeys. We’ve taken the lessons from these successes, and failures, and condensed them into a guide that you can use.

You can learn about How to be a Founder, step by step, from us.